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The mission of the Michigan Language Center is to provide a high quality program of English as a Second Language to international students and to equip them with English language skills that they will need to do one or all of the following:

1) Enter US institutions of higher learning

2) Utilize their English language skills in a work related situation

3) Expand their English language communication skills so that they can interact with other English language speakers

4) Introduce the students to the culture of the United States

The MLC’s flexible curriculum allows for differences in students’ language backgrounds and personal learning styles. The comfortable, friendly atmosphere of the MLC provides an optimum environment for efficiently learning English and for adjusting to the American culture. The MLC encourages its students to participate in the academic and culturally rich university city of Ann Arbor by providing them with opportunities to meet students and residents and to utilize their language skills in a meaningful, communicative way.

Guiding Institutional Goals

The objectives outlined in the MLC planning document are guided by four overarching goals with corresponding strategic priorities.  The goals and strategic priorities are designed to support MLC’s mission of providing a high quality program in ESL.  These goals and strategic priorities are evaluated in the planning cycle.

1.  Provide an Effective ESL Program:

  • Ensure that classes are educationally sound, high quality, and supported with the most up-to-date curricular materials.​
  • Develop and maintain pedagogical best practices.
  • Foster teacher growth and development through ongoing support, training, and feedback.
  • ŸEnsure proper and ethical administration of all aspects of the institution, including financial practices, treatment of students, and management of staff.


2.  Effectively Serve a Wide Array of Students:

  • Employ a thorough evaluation and placement procedure that will provide all students with classes that match their abilities as well as their stated purpose.
  • ŸUphold sound admission and enrollment practices that are clear and fair to all students.
  • Provide effective classes and student services that recognize individual differences and foster student success.
  • Diversify student body.


3.  Enhance the Language Program with Study of American Culture:

  • ŸIncorporate the study of American culture into class.
  • Provide beneficial co-curricular activities that deepen students’ language abilities while exposing them to the food, art, commerce and diversions of mid-western life.
  • ŸKeep students informed of events in the local community through the use of social media, informational meetings, and the MLC bulletin board.


4.  Evaluate Program Effectiveness:

  • ŸMonitor and foster student progress in attaining objectives.
  • Evaluate participant and sponsor satisfaction by collecting feedback from interviews and surveys.
  • Analyze entrance and exit proficiency for the purpose of program, class, and level evaluation.



The Michigan Language Center is located in the center of Ann Arbor


Adjacent to the University of Michigan and the main shopping area;

Within walking distance of major points of interest and cultural activities;

Small, safe, comfortable friendly city


Variety of museums, theaters, libraries, restaurants, and night clubs


Entertainment for everyone.


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2014 "Best Cities for New College Grads 2014" -- #7 Ann Arbor, Livability

2014 "Best Cities for Well-Being" -- #6 Ann Arbor, USA Today and Gallup

2014 "Times Higher Education World Rankings" -- #15 University of Michigan

2014 "America's Best Main Streets" -- South Main Street, Ann Arbor, The Huffington Post & Fodor's Travel

2013 " Most Walkable Cities" -- #4 Ann Arbor,

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