The mission of the Michigan Language Center (MLC) is to provide a high quality program of English as a Second Language to international students and to equip them with English language skills that they will need to do one or all of the following:

1) Enter US institutes of higher learning

2) Utilize their English language skills in a work related situation

3) Expand their English language communication skills so that they can interact with other English language speakers

4) Introduce the students to the culture of the United States


The MLC's flexible curriculum allows for differences in students' language backgrounds and personal learning styles. The comfortable, friendly atmosphere of the MLC provides an optimum environment for efficiently learning English and for adjusting to the American culture. The MLC encourages its students to participate in the academic and culturally rich university city of Ann Arbor by providing them with opportunities to meet students and residents and to utilize their language skills in a meaningful, communicative way.



The Michigan Language Center is located in the center of Ann Arbor

  • Adjacent to the University of Michigan and the main shopping area

Within walking distance of major points of interest and cultural activities

Small, safe, comfortable friendly city

  • Variety of museums, theaters, libraries, restaurants, and night clubs

  • Entertainment for everyone


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