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The Michigan Language Center is located in the center of Ann Arbor. We're adjacent to the University of Michigan and the main shopping area while also within walking distance of major points of interest and cultural activities. Ann Arbor is a small, safe, comfortable friendly city with a variety of museums, theaters, libraries, restaurants, and night clubs. We have entertainment for everyone!


2017 "Best Cities to Live in America", #1 Ann Arbor,

2016 "Best Cities for Entrepreneurs", #6 Ann Arbor,

2016 "Most Educated Cities", #1 Ann Arbor,

2016 "Best Colleges", #2 University of Michigan - Ann Arbor,

2016 "Best Places to Live in Michigan", #1 Ann Arbor,

2016 "Best Cities for Millennials", #5 Ann Arbor,

2016 "Best Cities to Live in America", #4 Ann Arbor,

2016 "Best Cities for Women in the Workforce", #7 Ann Arbor, 

2015 "Small American Cities of the Future," Human Capital, #1 Ann Arbor, fDi Magazine

2015 "Top 100 Best Cities to Live," #13 Ann Arbor, Livability

2015 "Best College Cities and Towns in America"  #1  WalletHub

2014 "Most Educated Cities" -- #1 Ann Arbor,

2014 "Top 25 Most Beautiful Cities in America" Ann Arbor --

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