• Intensive English Program = 20 hours of study per week
  • Semi-Intensive classes also offered

  • Form I-20 issued for Intensive students

  • Beginning to Advanced Levels, including university preparation

  • Session duration = 4.6 weeks. See Course Calendar.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How is my English level determined?
    All new students are given an English evaluation which includes a written test and oral interview. There is no charge for this evaluation.

  2. How much does a session cost?
    Full-time study (20 hours per week) costs $1250 per session.
    Part-time study ranges from $375-$775 per class.
    See Costs.

  3. How big are the classes?
    The average class size is 16 students.

  4. Where do your students come from?
    Over 20 countries are regularly represented at the MLC.

  5. What levels are offered?
    The MLC offers all levels from Beginning to Advanced. See our sample course descriptions to the right.

  6. Do you have housing available?
    YES - we have limited housing. See Housing.


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