Airport Pick Up - On request, MLC students are met at the airport and brought to Ann Arbor. There is a $110.00 charge for this service. For more information on Airport Pick Up click here.

Housing - Housing can be arranged for MLC students before they come to Ann Arbor. Comfortable, safe, furnished student apartments are available just a short walk from the MLC. For more information on Housing click here.

Course Placement - The MLC placement test evaluates each skill separately. As a result, a student may have a multi-level placement.

Orientation - Before classes begin, students attend an orientation to life in Ann Arbor. The students are then taken on a walking tour of the University of Michigan campus and downtown Ann Arbor. Students are given help with shopping, opening bank accounts, and adjusting to the life and culture of the United States.

TOEFL and IELTS Preparation - All MLC courses are designed to raise the student's TOEFL or IELTS score. At the Advanced level, a student may attend a TOEFL or IELTS review course.

Social Events - The MLC arranges varied social events each session for its students.

Email/ Internet - The MLC offers free Wifi internet access to its students; there is also a computer room with a printer available free of charge.

Community Involvement - Students are informed of the many community and university events at weekly information sessions.

Conversation Partners - MLC students may sign up to meet with American university students and members of the Ann Arbor community for additional conversation practice.

Special Seminars - Each session, one of the following special seminars is offered to MLC students at no additional cost:

  • Pronunciation & Conversation Practice - MLC students are given additional help with pronunciation difficulties and meet for extra conversation practice.
  • Vocabulary Development - MLC students are provided with vocabulary learning strategies and an opportunity to develop their passive and active vocabularies.
  • Conversation Seminar - MLC students discuss various topics to build fluency and vocabulary.  Students practice speaking English to exchange ideas, express opinions, elaborate on topics, and share their stories and experiences.  


The MLC is close to a variety of higher education institutions:

  • University of Michigan. Of course, attendance at the University of Michigan is very competitive. For highly qualified students, it is a great opportunity to be educated at a world class university.
  • Washtenaw Community College (WCC) offers a great opportunity for students to fulfill their academic requirements for the first two years of university. In addition, WCC is less expensive than most four-year universities. Students who successfully complete two years of study at WCC can easily transfer to a four-year university. Some students at WCC have already completed undergraduate programs in their own countries and decide to attend WCC.. Some of these students begin attending WCC while they are still attending the Michigan Language Center.
  • Concordia University of Ann Arbor (CUAA) is a private, liberal arts university in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Our small class sizes foster close relationships between students and faculty and create a supportive, caring community. Our 187-acre campus on the banks of the Huron River creates a beautiful and safe environment just minutes from the restaurants, cultural activities and resources of downtown Ann Arbor.

Contact Caroline Harris about the international application process: (734) 995-7406 /
CUAA homepage:

  • Eastern Michigan University (EMU) offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs.  Students who receive undergraduate degrees at Eastern Michigan University often continue their graduate academic studies at the University of Michigan. EMU is the most popular university for MLC students to attend because of the quality of education at EMU as well as its location. Many students continue to live in Ann Arbor while attending EMU.