Hillari Vashaw


Student Services Associate


Holland, Michigan

When did you start working at MLC?
August 2018

Why do you appreciate being a part of MLC?
Since joining the MLC family, my creativity has been celebrated, I have been challenged to the best of my ability, encouraged consistently and warmly welcomed. Connecting with students of varying cultures and histories has added an appreciated element to my life. I am proud to be a part of such a special family and thankful for a place where such positive learning and connecting can occur!

Why is MLC a special place to study English?
MLC is an inviting, supportive and culturally rich environment. Celebrating our differences while working to connect us all through English language, MLC serves as a special place to study English, indeed!

What are some interesting facts about yourself?
Outside of MLC, I am most passionate about music (specifically classic rock), expression through art, and connecting with nature. I am most at peace in the wilderness and will always put fourth efforts to preserve our Earth and those whom we share it with! I have recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Linguistics, and am eager to apply that knowledge here!