Student Spotlight: Viviana’s journey from Au Pair to full-time student

Student Stories

Viviana, from Columbia, has been a dedicated teacher in preschools and elementary schools. After obtaining a Bachelor Degree in business administration, she has also been interested in international business. To further her career, she decided to participate in the Au Pair Program in the US. 

Viviana arrived in the US a year and a half ago, and spent about one year caring for two children in her host family’s home. “I was a teacher at school, and that program was a good fit for me,” she said. “However, I was working full time in the Au Pair Program and didn’t have much time to dedicate to studying English. That is why I decided to enroll in MLC as a full time student a couple of months ago.”

Viviana switched her visa to a full-time F1 student visa for her language study. When Viviana enrolled in MLC, she had a specific goal in mind. “Because I have been interested in international business, I wanted to continue my studies in business at a university in the US.” 

Viviana enjoys reading and writing classes at MLC, which help foster her academic English skills. “I didn’t have enough knowledge of grammar, and I didn’t know how to read in English very well. In the classes, I can learn how to find main ideas, how to do speed reading, and so on. These are skills that I definitely need for my application to a Master’s program at universities in the US.”

In just a couple of months at MLC, Viviana has significantly enhanced her language skills. “Even after I started working as an Au Pair, I didn’t have confidence in English and was very afraid of speaking. But now, I feel much more comfortable, and I can go anywhere!”

While making the most of her study experience at MLC, Viviana also enjoys the international environment at school. “I love the out-of-class activities at MLC. Recently, we visited Michigan Stadium. I also loved the U of M Law Library Tour,” she shared. 

As she gains more confidence in language, she is becoming more social. “Best part of MLC is that you can meet with people from around the world. I love talking with students outside of class as well!”