Test Prep Skills Class Overview

In MLC’s Test Prep Skills course, students learn test-taking strategies and engage in skill-building exercises to perform successfully on a variety of standardized English tests, such as TOEFL iBT, TOEFL Essentials, Duolingo English Test, and IELTS. 

Students will:

  • Develop listening skills for conversations and lectures, such as effective note-taking as well as answering main idea and detail questions
  • Learn skills for reading tests, such as getting meaning from context, scanning for detail, paraphrasing, and more
  • Learn how to successfully respond to a variety of writing tasks from English tests, such as writing an email, synthesizing information, summarizing, as well as expressing and supporting an opinion
  • Sharpen their speaking skills in order to perform well on English test speaking tasks such as stating and supporting an opinion, recording a dictation, answering interview questions, summarizing information from multiple sources, and more

The Test Prep Skills class is available for Advanced Level students only. Prospective students must take a placement test to determine English level. The Test Prep Skills class can be combined with classes in the Intensive English Program to create a full-time schedule (20 hours per week).

Class Schedule

The Test Prep Skills class typically meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:10-11:00am (6 hours/week).

Program Fee

$550 per 5-week session

See one of our test prep instructors giving some TOEFL tips:

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