Transfer Process for F-1 Visa Students

F-1 visa students who wish to transfer to MLC from another school must follow the steps below. Students may contact MLC at before they begin the transfer process if they have questions. 

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    Step 1: Apply

    Apply to MLC using the online Transfer Application. In the Transfer Application, the student will need to select the next available session when s/he will begin their studies at MLC. Please note there is a $125.00 non-refundable Transfer Application fee. 

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    Step 2: Review

    MLC will review the student’s application documents and confirm their SEVIS record is in ACTIVE status. After this review, MLC will send an email to the student with the following:

      1. An acceptance letter to MLC’s Intensive English Program
      2. The MLC Transfer Form
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    Step 3: MLC Transfer Form

    Once the student receives the acceptance letter and MLC Transfer form, the student must:

    1. Complete “Section 1” ONLY of the MLC Transfer Form. This gives the current school permission to complete the form and send it to MLC.
    2. Give the Transfer Form to the international advisor/DSO/PDSO at their current school. The advisor/DSO/PDSO must complete this form and send it to MLC.
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    Step 4: Transfer Complete

    Once the student’s current school completes the MLC Transfer Form, the school will return the completed form to MLC and transfer the student’s SEVIS record to MLC. MLC will email the student to inform them of the completed transfer, and give them instructions for arriving at MLC and registering for classes.


MLC does not accept students whose SEVIS record is Out of Status. If you are not sure of your student status, please contact your school before applying to MLC, or send your advisor’s name and telephone number to MLC.

Additional information for transferring can also be found on this U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Study in the States webpage.