Alumni Spotlight: Ashjan advances her finance career

Student Stories

Ashjan has established herself as a dedicated professional in the finance and accounting sector at a hospital in Saudi Arabia, where she frequently utilized English in her day-to-day work. “At the workplace, there were many staff members who were not from Saudi Arabia,” she reflected. “While I initially polished my language skills through online courses, I felt that I would need an immersive environment to fully commit myself to improving my English proficiency.”

Upon her arrival in Michigan in September 2023, Ashjan wasted no time and promptly enrolled in MLC only two days after landing.  She entered her 6-month stay in Ann Arbor with a clear goal in mind. “Being a finance specialist, I wanted to pursue a master’s degree at a university in the US. This led me to focus on improving my English language skills here,” she said.

Currently preparing for the next IELTS test as part of the US university admission process, Ashjan remains dedicated to her English studies even after returning home. “I am preparing for the IELTS and awaiting news on a scholarship.”

While Ashjan’s dedication to her career is impressive, she is also someone who values the special aspect of her experiences. She actively participated in numerous activities, events, and workshops offered by MLC. “I found MLC’s co-curricular activities incredibly beneficial. They helped me enhance my social skills with other students outside the classroom. It’s also amazing to learn about other students’ cultures from diverse countries.” 

Ashjan at MLC, with teacher Julie Dean

When asked about her favorite activities, Ashjan remembered the winter skating event, conversation hours, and vocabulary workshops with teacher Josh. “The vocabulary workshop, in particular, was very helpful. Josh taught us how to use everyday idioms and vocabulary, which was incredibly beneficial for me.”

As she sets her sights on the future, Ashjan is interested in pursuing a PhD degree in the finance field. “In the future, I want to teach at a university,” she shared. We’re so proud of Ashjan’s unwavering passion and dedication to the study of finance, as well as her career goals, which we firmly believe she will achieve.