Michigan Language Center is located in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, across the street from the central campus of University of Michigan. Ann Arbor is ranked as the #1 Best College City/Town in America (Wallethub.com). Some highlights of life in Ann Arbor include:

Downtown Life


Ann Arbor is rich in diversity, culture, global cuisine and entertainment, and our prime location allows our students to be in the heart of city life. The downtown area has many restaurants, specialty shops, book stores, music shops, art galleries and cafes.

Cultural Diversity & Arts


Ann Arbor has a uniquely diverse population, with people from over 100 different nations, thanks to the large local university. The city hosts cultural festivals all year round, such as film festivals, an annual city-wide Art Fair, and parades on major American holidays.

University Life


The University of Michigan offers many educational and cultural experiences for the public to enjoy, such as its numerous museums, musical and theatrical performances, and visiting speaker events. All of these public activities are open to MLC students.


Michigan Big-house

Being the home to University of Michigan means that Ann Arbor offers many exciting sporting events, both free and paid. Experience an American football game in Michigan Stadium (the largest American football stadium in the world), or basketball, soccer, baseball, gymnastics events, and much more. People also enjoy participating in sports leagues and classes for new and experienced athletes. Michigan’s four seasons allows for a variety of sports all year round, such as winter skiing, spring baseball, summer golf and fall football.

Four Seasons


Students enjoy experiencing the unique 4 seasons of Midwest America: warm summer, colorful autumn, beautiful snowy winters, and botanical spring. It always brings us joy when students from hotter climates see and touch snow for the first time!


The city’s bus system, The Ride, is an excellent, easy-to-use system that will take students anywhere around Ann Arbor and neighboring towns.

Ann Arbor was ranked the #1 city to live in America in a 2017 survey conducted by niche.com. We are proud to host our students in such a phenomenal city!

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