At MLC, we believe that English language learning cannot be limited to the classroom, but that it must be woven into the daily lives of our students. MLC students have a wide variety of opportunities on a daily and weekly basis to practice their English with American volunteers and with fellow students through our co-curricular activities.

Conversation Hour
Twice a week, students take part in an hour of conversation with a native English speaking volunteer. Students can ask questions, learn new phrases, and practice their English in this casual and fun group setting.

English Seminar
Twice a week, an MLC instructor offers a free seminar on targeted topics such as Pronunciation or Vocabulary.

Conversation Partner
MLC pairs students with native English speaking volunteers in the Ann Arbor area. This is a great opportunity for students to build a relationship with a resident of Ann Arbor and enhance their English speaking abilities.

Student Clubs
Students are able to create and join different themed clubs while studying at the MLC. These clubs meet weekly, and bring activities, events, and different groups of people together to create friendships outside the classroom. Examples of recent clubs are:

  • Book Club
    Enjoy friendship and fun while reading popular American novels with other students This is a great opportunity to read and discuss American literature for students at the Advanced and Advanced-Intermediate level.
  • Volunteer Club
    Volunteer Club was formed by students interested in helping in the community. They work regularly with several partner organizations and explore new ideas based on the students’ interests. It is a great way to meet and serve the Ann Arbor community together!
  • Business/ Entrepreneurship Club
    This club is designed to help you think about a business you want to start in the future. Participants will help you design your own business and you will learn new business concepts each week while making friends and practicing your English.
  • Debate Club
    Debate popular “hot topics” with other students mediated by teachers. It is a competitive and fun way to learn about American culture and the structure of a popular rhetoric practice while meeting other students.

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