Daily Life

In addition to the quality classes each day, students enjoy spending time studying or socializing together in our various student lounge spaces. The coffee and tea pots are always ready to serve students hot drinks throughout the day. Students have access to our computer space to work on assignments or send email to family back home. During the lunch hour, students can participate in free seminars that focus on topics such as pronunciation and vocabulary, or join student clubs based on interests such as books or community service.

Every day at Michigan Language Center is full of life and learning!


Weekly Life

Each week, our instructors offer 1 free, optional seminar for any students who would like additional practice. Topics include: vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation, business idioms, and college application tips.

Conversation Hour
Students can also participate in free Conversation Hours each week, led by MLC staff and American volunteers. It’s a lively hour of conversation and personal connection among students.

Student Clubs
MLC has a variety of student clubs based on student interests.  Some examples are: Volunteer Club for those interested in community service, Book Club for those who want to read and discuss literary classics, and Game Club.

Conversation Partners
Students have the opportunity to be paired with a native English speaking conversation partner. Conversation partners are volunteers from the local community who offer to meet regularly with students to practice daily English conversation.

Monthly Life

We enjoy celebrating milestones each session! Every session starts with a donut day, where we serve fresh donuts from Washtenaw Dairy, a favorite local bakery. We also end each session with the MLC Awards Ceremony and pizza party to celebrate the accomplishments of our hard-working students. Throughout each session, we have fun social and educational activities such as game nights, picnics and boating at a park, tours of the University of Michigan or other local universities, and volunteering at non-profit organizations.