MLC has highly-qualified instructors with excellent education and years of experience. Our instructors have:

  • Advanced degrees and certificates in teaching English
  • Multiple years of experience in ESL and EFL
  • One or more foreign languages which they speak with proficiency
  • Personal understanding of living outside their own home country

Most importantly, they consider their profession not just as a job, but as a passion to connect with, and assist their students in becoming more proficient in English. Read more below about what our instructors believe and how they teach.

Our Instructors Say…

We don’t teach classes, we teach individuals. Every student deserves our attention and understanding.

Each student has goals, implicit or explicit, that we should understand, assist with, and encourage them to achieve. With these goals in mind, we promise to help our students develop study habits, acquire skills, and practice to get to their destination.

We use a variety of learning strategies and methods to engage and connect with all students. We believe every student has their own learning style and preferences, so this variation is important.

We perform all our job duties to ensure the high quality, fairness, and measurability of each student’s educational experience. This applies to everything from testing and grading to recording attendance.

We stay involved and current in the ESL teaching profession. We strive to learn from others and improve each of our skills, and to share our school’s successes and learning with our fellow instructors and educators.

We each have responsibility to the whole staff, to partner in making MLC a better place for each other and especially for the students. We seek to understand one another’s jobs, and to assist each other, so that we can continue the overall excellence of the school’s collective 40 year legacy.

See our Staff page to meet our world-class instructors.

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Michigan Language Center does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, ethnic origin, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, or religion.