Student Spotlight: Zsofia maximizes her 10 months to grow her international business

Student Stories

Zsofia, a talented entrepreneur and a crochet designer in Hungary, had to temporarily pause her business when she relocated to the US with her husband and two kids. However, she didn’t allow this pause to hinder her career ambitions. On the contrary, she viewed it as an opportunity to enhance her skills through English language studies at MLC.

“My husband received an invitation as a visiting fellow at the University of Michigan, and we all decided to spend an academic year in Ann Arbor. While I had to put my work in Hungary on hold, I saw this as a chance for both me and our children to improve our language skills,” Zsofia explained.

Arriving in Michigan in September 2023, Zsofia enrolled at MLC the following month. With a strong foundation in English, her focus was on improving her speaking skills. “Although I had a good grasp of grammar and vocabulary, speaking was my weakest area. I wanted to focus on this during my time in Michigan,” she shared.

Balancing her responsibilities as a mother with her studies, Zsofia dedicated herself to honing her language skills. “Initially, I was nervous about attending classes and taking exams. Once I started, however, I found the whole experience to be enjoyable,” she recalled. “Receiving  feedback from instructors after each session’s exam has been invaluable, and now I end up looking forward to getting my results. It’s been a great transformative journey for me.”

Her impressive ability to seize opportunities extended beyond the classroom. Zsofia enjoyed interacting with other international students, appreciating the supportive environment at MLC that fostered her personal and professional development. “The teachers here encourage me to speak up, and reassure me that making mistakes is a part of the learning process. It is a fantastic atmosphere.”

Zsofia at her crochet workshop for MLC students and staff

Zsofia’s crochet workshop at MLC is also one of the finest examples of her proactive approach. Just recently, Zsofia organized and led a crochet workshop, teaching how to make crochet accessories to both staff and students. With her expertise, all the participants enjoyed crafting their own piece of art. However, the participants were not only the ones who benefited from the creative workshop. The experience of hosting a workshop in English meant a lot to the talented crochet instructor as well. “It was really a big deal for me to teach crocheting in English,” Zsofia said.

Looking ahead, Zsofia and her family have plans to move to Ireland once her husband completes his fellowship at the university this year. “I am curious about adapting to the Irish accent! But my goal is to make my business bilingual by creating a bilingual website and social media presence, as well as offering workshops in English.”