Ann Arbor in the Summer

Ann Arbor is a great place to be during the summer. With fewer university students in town, campus is a great place to hang out and walk around. Here’s a quick guide to all the happenings around Ann Arbor in the summer!

Ann Arbor Summer Festival

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival is a series of events that take place around the University of Michigan campus throughout June and July. Although not officially considered downtown, much of the UM campus is easily walkable.

 Much of the events are focused on the performing and fine arts, including instrumental and vocal music, chalk, and photo exhibits. There are also plenty of activities for children as well as family-friendly movies played on a big screen with plenty of sitting space in from the Rackham Hall. While many of the events are performing groups, there are also plenty of different interactive events such as salsa lessons, yoga, martial arts introductions, and bike nights. More information can be found

Ann Arbor Art Fair

Another fun event to attend would be the Ann Arbor Art Fair, which takes place July 19 to 22. The Ann Arbor Art Fair actually includes four fairs, which span multiple streets throughout Ann Arbor. During this time, no traffic is allowed through the streets where the fair takes place. Artists come from all over the world and put their work on display. There are plenty different art forms, including jewelry, photography, and metalworking.  Make sure to bring lots of sunscreen, water, and umbrellas as it always tends to storm or be extra hot out during these few days. Find more information at

Next door to Ann Arbor is Ypsilanti, home to Eastern Michigan University. It is a small town with a nice downtown area to walk around as well. It also hosts various events throughout the summer. The most well-known could be something called the Color Run.

The Color Run

Like many marathons in the United States, you do have to register ahead of time for the Color Run. 

It is a 5 kilometer long run where participants are doused in various colors each kilometer. There are only two rules: participants must wear white at the start and end with multicolored at the finish line. The run ends with a festival at the end, where music, (more) color throws, and dancing occurs. This is the fifth time Ypsilanti has hosted this run, and it is scheduled for June 25. For more information and to sign up for the run, visit for more information.


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