Business English is Back

School News

We’re excited to announce the official relaunch of our Business English class!

This will be a conversation-based class focused on formal and informal speech in the workplace and business culture in the United States.  Students will learn business vocabulary, idioms, and slang. Additional topics will include office small talk, negotiations, representing personal interests in business situations, interviews, social relations, presentations, and improving overall pronunciation. Activities will include mock interviews, office role play, as well as listening to an authentic lecture from a business professor.

Students in this class will grow in their confidence when speaking in business settings. They will have a better understanding of social relations and presentations in business settings as well. It would be especially helpful for those who are interested in studying business for higher education settings.

This class will be taught by Instructor Carla Thisse, who has her Master’s Degree in linguistics. She has taught in several universities, private institutions, and corporate settings around the United States. She has co-taught with Amy Gillett, author of the book Speak Business English Like an American. This book will serve as the text for the class. Carla also currently co-leads English training for employees at LLamasoft, Inc.


Interested in Business English?

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