Student Spotlight: Grace grows from beginner to confident communicator in 1 short year

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Grace, from France, worked for a company as a biologist and was interested in pursuing her study in the US. “I thought I would need English for my future career. I chose to come to Michigan because my brother already lives here. I am interested in pursuing my study at a university, and learning English in a campus town like Ann Arbor turned out to be a good choice for me.”

Until she came to the US one year ago, she barely spoke English. Grace recalls the time when she just started to live in the US. “At first, I even found it difficult to buy things!” Now seeing her speak fluently with confidence, it is hard to imagine that she once had a hard time shopping. “Now I feel comfortable and feel I am more independent. It’s very important for me.”

Although it might have been challenging for Grace to follow English classes considering her lack of confidence at the beginning, she says it was tremendous fun to join the classes when she started at MLC. “It was surprising for me, because I didn’t understand or speak English well but I really enjoyed learning at the classes. That is definitely thanks to my teachers. They made me feel comfortable even if I couldn’t speak English. I was in the beginner level but it was so amazing to join the class and I enjoyed it so much.”

One year has passed since she came to the US and enrolled in MLC, and now it is apparent that Grace improved her communication skills significantly. “The one who was surprised with my language improvement the most was my family! My brother was very impressed and he was so happy for me. Learning and speaking English everyday at MLC helped a lot.”

Grace also participates in many school activities at MLC. “I like to talk to new people, and the co-curricular activity is one of the great ways to connect with other students out of the classes. And these activities help me improve my vocabulary as well!”

Now Grace is more interested in pursuing her career as a business entrepreneur. “I want to create a company, and would like to study international business at a university.” She said she would like to take the TOEFL prep classes at MLC so that she’ll be ready for university applications. Seeing her dedication to study and willingness to learn new things, there is no doubt that she will succeed in her future endeavors.