Partnership with Youth For Understanding’s Exchange Program helps exchange students improve their language skills

School News

In April 2023, MLC partnered with Youth For Understanding (YFU) to provide English language classes to German students who participated in YFU’s intercultural exchange program. In this 2-week exchange program between YFU USA and YFU Deutschland, students lived with local host families in Ann Arbor, participated in local volunteer activities, and attended ESL classes offered by MLC.

MLC instructors Catherine and Rachael taught the students about cross-cultural communication skills through discussions on multiple topics, writing exercises, and presentations. “I look forward to reading what my teachers say in my journal writing,” one of the students said.

Catherine Murau, left, teaches the YFU students
Rachael Kerr, right, supports the students’ group discussions

On the last day of the program, all 14 students delivered their presentations in front of their host families, teachers, and YFU staff members. Each of their presentations showcased the program highlights and their memorable experiences. To wrap up their presentations, students mentioned their appreciation of their host families, YFU staff members, and MLC instructors. “I want to say thank you to our teachers Rachael and Catherine, for teaching us with enthusiasm. It was a lot of fun!”, one of the YFU students said at the end of the presentation.

YFU students’ presentations on the last day of the program

MLC is honored to collaborate with YFU USA for this meaningful exchange program and to help YFU students with their language improvement. If any families in the Ann Arbor community are interested in hosting when a new cohort of German students arrives in the fall, please contact JJ McKillop (YFU’s Community Engagement Manager) at (734) 474-1403. For more information about YFU, please visit the YFU USA website here.


Youth For Understanding (YFU) is a non-profit international educational organization that runs one of the world’s oldest, largest, and most respected intercultural exchange programs. For 70 years and with more than 270,000 students worldwide supported by host families, volunteers, schools, and communities, millions of YFU participants have shared a vision for generations of empowered global citizens for a more peaceful and sustainable world. The YFU global network is united by the belief that full cultural immersion is the most effective means to gain the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly multicultural, interconnected, and competitive global society.

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