Student Work Spotlight: Sports at Schools

Check out this student essay answering the question: Many schools require students to play sports. Should a sports program be required for all students?

Sports at Schools
By Juliana Zambelli

Sports and physical exercise are important in everyone’s lives. Nowadays people are more worried about health than before. Therefore in my opinion, a sports program should be required for all students because it’s healthy and it integrates them.

First of all, students are more lazy than before due to smartphones. If they could, they would stay the whole day on their cell phones playing video games or on social websites like Facebook, Instagram, and so on. So, in my opinion, they should be required to practice sports at least in their school in order to have a healthier life.

Another problem for students who don’t have much exercise is obesity. Nowadays, children and adolescents are more obese because of sedentary lives. This is a problem that can be fixed with sports and physical exercise.

Second, sports are the best way to integrate students. In my country, there are a lot of poor people who live in small neighborhoods called “favelas.” In these places, the crime is high and schools are always a point for selling drugs and recruiting teenagers to start in the crime world. For these cases, sports programs at schools are really important to keep adolescents and children far from drugs and crime. Schools usually try to integrate students and make them closer by sports programs.This is something that works, for sure.

In conclusion, in my opinion, in order to keep students healthier and integrated with a good life, sports programs should be required for all students. It will be good to control obesity and to keep students away from drugs and crime.

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