Conversation Partner Volunteers

Conversation Partner Program

Michigan Language Center welcomes native English speakers to participate in our Conversation Partner Program. The Conversation Partner Program is a volunteer program designed to provide English language practice and a two-way cultural exchange. Our students enjoy exercising their speaking and listening skills and learning more about American culture as they interact with native English speakers.

The primary purpose of the program is for MLC students to gain practice in English conversation with a native English speaking volunteer. Often the volunteer partners are interested in learning the MLC student’s native language. This is perfectly fine if the student is willing to engage in a fair exchange of practicing English and helping the volunteer learn his or her native language.

We will match volunteers with MLC students, and provide the volunteer with the MLC student’s contact information. At that point, the volunteer partner should contact the MLC student(s) to set up an initial meeting. The volunteer and the MLC student should then arrange regular times to meet together. We suggest meeting at least 1 hour/week in a comfortable public setting, like a coffee shop or the library.

If you are native English speaker and interested in volunteering as a conversation partner, please fill out this Conversation Partner Sign-Up Form.