2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang

Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org

Here at MLC, we have many Korean students learning English with us.  This year, their country will host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.   The games will be held in PyeongChang, which is located in the northeast corner of South Korea.  The opening ceremony will take place on February 7th and the closing ceremony will occur on February 25th.

The Olympics are a series of sporting events that take place every 2 years, alternating between winter and summer sports.  Athletes from around the world converge on a different city to partake in the Games.  Only the best athletes compete in the Olympics, and just making it there is considered an incredible honor.

The main purpose of the Olympics, however, is to promote global solidarity though sport.  The official motto for the PyeongChang Games is “Passion. Connected.”  95 teams will compete in the 102 events in 15 sports.  North Korea and South Korea will march together under the Korean Unification Flag during the opening ceremony.  The Olympics are truly a rare opportunity to bring the world together in peace.

There are two official languages of the International Olympics Committee.  One is French.  The other is English!  Just another way that English can open to world to you!

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