Super Bowl Sunday – American Tradition

The most popular sporting event in the United States is the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League.

Millions of Americans watch the game on television and it is often the most watched TV program of the year.  Because the game has such high viewership, advertisers will spend tens of millions of dollars on TV ads that last only 30 seconds in some cases.  Some of the most creative and entertaining advertising takes place during the Super Bowl and many people watch the game just for the ads!

The midway point of the game is known as halftime.  During halftime, top entertainers sing and perform for the large audience.  The Halftime Show is often the most-viewed performance of the year, so the stakes are high to deliver a great show.

This year, the Philadelphia Eagles will compete against the New England Patriots.  The Patriots have won many recent Super Bowls and are considered a formidable team.  Anything can happen though.  Tune in tonight to see what happens!

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