Alumni Spotlight: A proud U-M and MLC alum pursues academic excellence

Student Stories

David, an alumnus of MLC, graduated from University of Michigan (UM) with a bachelor’s degree in biology in December 2023. Behind his remarkable academic success at one of the most renowned universities, there were numerous strategic steps he took as an international student.

“I grew up in an environment with different languages back in China. I used the local language with my peers, and I spoke my native language to my parents, while the school was taught in Mandarin. This means I always needed to switch languages back and forth,” he said. His unique childhood experience honed his interest in linguistics. While majoring in biology, David also minored in linguistics at the UM’s College of Literature, Science and Arts.

After graduating from high school, David came to the US and enrolled in MLC as a full time student in December 2019. “I aimed to study at a university in the US, but I needed to learn English first. Learning at MLC helped me establish the foundation of language,” he shared.

With his proactive approach to learning, he also took the opportunity to visit some classes offered by the UM while he studied English at MLC. As he listened to lectures, he was firmly convinced that he should attend this university after completing studies at MLC.

At the Michigan Stadium

In his later days at MLC, David also took the TOEFL class in order to prepare himself for the university application. “TOEFL’s speaking class was really helpful for me,” he said. “I didn’t have much confidence in speaking in English at that time, but this class made me feel comfortable speaking publicly.”

While dedicating himself to his language improvement, he also enjoyed connecting with other students. “One of the best aspects of MLC is that you can establish a valuable and wide network with people from around the world, even after years!” he shared. “I still keep in touch with some good friends I met at MLC.”

After his graduation from the UM, David is interested in pursuing studies at a graduate school in the US. “I already sent out a couple of applications, and am waiting for the result,” he said. “I aspire to be a science teacher at a highschool in the US.”

It is nothing short of a pleasure to witness MLC students and alumni flourish as they acquire language skills. We are confident that David will succeed in his further studies and career in the US!