Student Spotlight: Maram’s remarkable growth in language proficiency

Student Stories

Maram, from Saudi Arabia, set out on a journey to enhance her language skills for her career. With a background as a hospital administrator, Maram has collaborated with a variety of  professionals, including doctors, psychologists, and patients.

Originally drawn to Michigan due to her husband’s academic pursuits at the University of Michigan, Maram decided to embark on her own educational path. In January 2022, she enrolled at MLC, initiating a remarkable transformation from a beginner to an advanced English language learner.

In NYC on her honeymoon

Maram recalls her initial days, “I remember the day I talked with MLC’s academic director for the first time. I didn’t understand anything except several simple greetings!” Being a self-described shy person, she chose to come to the school with her husband on the first day at MLC. It’s quite astonishing for those who know Maram now, because she exudes confidence and appears completely at ease in the diverse and globally enriched environment.

While she started with basic proficiency in English, Maram has blossomed into an engaged and enthusiastic student. “Teachers are all amazing and they are always very helpful. It is also amazing that I can also learn from other students,” she shares. “I enjoy all the classes, but if I have to choose one, my favorite is the reading class. It helps me establish my vocabulary tremendously.”

Despite her passion to enhance her language skills, Maram’s goal extends beyond language proficiency; she aspires to pursue a master’s degree in hospital administration to further her career. Recognizing the significance of English in her field, Maram notes,“At a hospital, there are so many people from diverse countries and it is very important that you are capable of English.”

An additional, exciting part of Maram’s personal journey is that she is expecting her first baby next year!  As she looks to the future, she envisions balancing motherhood and her career ambitions. “I will focus on my baby for a while and then I want to prepare myself for the TOEFL test in order to apply for universities in the US,” she said. We wish all the best to Maram with all that her exciting future has in store!