Julie Dean’s ESL workshop on Storytelling Method at CLIL in Portugal

School News

MLC Instructor Julie Dean was a distinguished presenter at the recent CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Colloquium held in Porto, Portugal. Julie and her coworker instructor Lara Hauer, conducted research on the storytelling method, incorporating contemporary narrative techniques inspired by podcasts and materials from “The Moth.” Their insightful presentation had previously captivated the audience at the MITESOL annual conference last year; following up in spring of this year, they each taught a “Moth Method” speaking and listening class at MLC,  and this summer, it was Julie who shared their learning at the conference in Porto.

Julie expressed her mixed emotions, saying, “While I missed the opportunity to attend this conference with Lara, I had an amazing time participating in this academic gathering. Meeting talented educators in a historic European city and discovering new techniques along with shared experiences is the best kind of adventure vacation I can imagine.”

Storytelling, as Julie highlighted, holds immense value as a long-practiced form of communication and universal applicability in any educational setting. During the two-day conference, Julie delivered a  presentation  titled “Practicing the Art of Storytelling in ELT,” which summarized the research, class design and the results and led a separate workshop to practice the method. Attendees, who were fellow teaching professionals, exhibited great enthusiasm to explore and incorporate the Moth storytelling method in their own practices.

Julie also noted that the majority of attendees joined from various European countries, providing valuable insights into the diverse approaches employed in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) education across the continent. The sharing of experiences and methodologies along with accompanying workshop-style practice was indeed a unique aspect of the conference.

The colloquium served as an excellent platform for educators to collaborate, exchange ideas, and further enhance the effectiveness of their language teaching methodologies. Michigan Language Center takes immense pride in the significant impact Julie Dean made during this meaningful event.