Student Spotlight: Hala’s journey from Saudi Arabia to the world as an aspiring interior designer

Student Stories

Hala is an ambitious and talented young interior designer from Saudi Arabia. When she came to the US, she already had a clear goal of improving her English skills for her future career. “I want to be an interior designer who is recognized globally,” she said.

Hala has a bachelor’s degree in interior design and worked as a designer from 2016 to 2022 in her country. In addition to her work at a company in the private sector, Hala had her own business, where she completed several interior design projects within and outside her region. These projects included two flower shops, a woman’s beauty center, an ice cream shop in Qatif city, and a clinic in Taif.

“I worked with many people, and that included non-Arabic speakers. In this field in my country, English proficiency is very important as well as creativity.” Hala decided to obtain a student visa in the US and joined MLC as a full time student in March 2023. “I heard about MLC from my friend and she strongly recommended the school for me,” she said.

Starting at the beginning level, Hala quickly advanced her language level to the intermediate class. “The reason I have improved my language skill is because of my amazing teachers. One of my instructors, Josh, always brings humor to the classroom and makes us laugh. Also, Lara is a very amazing and kind person. I can’t pick a favorite class because all of the teachers are so fantastic.”

Volunteer Coordinator Catherine (left) and Hala (second from left) at a retirement home with MLC volunteer club members.

Hala’s commitment to excellence goes beyond her academic and career pursuits. She enjoys interacting with students from around the world, embracing new experiences, and actively participating in MLC’s co-curricular activities. “I love joining MLC’s activities. Mr. Kyle, the Student Service Associate, organizes a lot of fun events for us.” One of her favorite activities is the Volunteer Club, where she has joined various projects including volunteering at a retirement home, contributing to lunch pack projects, and supporting food drives. “When I help other people, it makes me happy. And Catherine, the Volunteer Club Coordinator at MLC, is always very inspiring,” she said.

Although Hala has already achieved a lot, her focus remains on her future career aspirations. Hala has a keen interest in pursuing a master’s degree in Decoration Engineering in the US. “I am halfway to my goal, but I plan to continue learning English here at MLC until the end of this year before applying for the master’s program.”

Given her dedication, hard work and enthusiasm, it is easy to believe she will achieve her career goals in the future!