MLA Collaboration Continues Online

MLC has always appreciated our partnership with Michigan Language Assessment, and our current online situation does not stop this!

We are excited to offer MLA Writing Practice online to our students and alumni. Our partnership allows MLA to test writing assessment prompts with our students, and it allows our students to gain practice taking a timed writing exam.  Students also benefit by receiving professional, individualized feedback from MLA, and an unofficial CEFR level based upon their writing.

The Writing Practice will be on Monday, May 4th, and will be offered at 2 different times: 1:10 – 2:10pm EST or  3:40- 4:40pm EST. To participate in the upcoming online writing practice, students must use a laptop or tablet, and must use Zoom with the video webcam on, for academic integrity.

If you are an MLC student or alumni and are interested in participating in the writing practice, please email

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