Exciting Classes starting in April

As we look forward to our next session that starts April 22nd, we wanted to announce the following exciting classes that will be offered online with LIVE instruction:

Speak Business English Class (Advanced Level): Tuesday/Thursday @ 7pm-9pm EST
This course will focus on high-level pronunciation and business skills such as cross-cultural communication, speaking in meetings, and small talk/networking.  After completing the course, students will have a better understanding of the often unstated rules of American office expectations and etiquette.

TOEFL Prep Class (Advanced Level): Monday through Friday @ 9am-11am EST
Students learn and practice strategies to perform successfully on all sections of the TOEFL iBT.  Students will be able to speak about, read, write, and comprehend academic material, including extended reading passages and lectures on academic subjects. Online materials include up-to-date information on recent test changes and new practice tests. Laptop or tablet required.

IELTS Class (Advanced Level): Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 7pm-9pm EST
Students learn and practice strategies to perform successfully on all sections of the IELTS academic exam. This includes comprehending high-level academic material in spoken and written form on a variety of subjects. Online materials include up-to-date practice tests and materials recommended by The British Council. Laptop or tablet required.

Reading with a Graphic Novel (Advanced Level): Tuesday/Thursday @ 11am-1pm EST
Reading novels is one of the best ways to improve your English comprehension and vocabulary. In this course, we will be reading and discussing the graphic novel, Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg. E-book included with the course.

Reading a Short Story – Sherlock Holmes (Advanced Intermediate Level): Tuesday/Thursday @ 11am-1pm EST
Using a leveled e-book, students read Sherlock Holmes together, practicing reading strategies, vocabulary and discussion. 

You can see all information about our online classes here: https://www.englishclasses.com/english-programs/mlc-online/

We hope to see you in our online classes this month!

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