Pronunciation Tips with Julie (Pt. 2)

Julie Dean

As we learned in our last post, there are three distinct ways to pronounce regular English verbs in the past.  These three sounds are: “t”, “d”, and “ed”.  In this post, will focus on the “d” sound.

MLC Instructor Julie Dean has taught students how to pronounce in English for many years and has helped students to master this concept.  Here are her examples of “d” verbs:

saved – cleaned – played – robbed – smelled

It is important to note that these pronunciations are voiced.  That means you will feel a vibration when you pronounce these verbs.  Try placing your finger on your throat when you pronounce them.  Did you feel the vibration?

Check out the short video below of Julie demonstrating the pronunciation of these verbs.  This will give you a better idea of the concept:

We will talk about the remaining sound in an upcoming post.  Until then, consider applying to MLC courses that focus specifically on pronunciation.  We hope you are able to master this English pronunciation challenge for yourself!

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