Student Work Spotlight: Brazilian Bean Stew

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Brazilian Bean Stew (known as “feijoada” in Portuguese) is a popular dish in Brazil.  MLC student Helen Gomes wrote about this traditional food for her essay in writing class.

Bean Stew / By Helen Gomes

Bean stew is a delicious Brazilian food that is commonly eaten in winter.  Bean stew is popular for lunches, family gatherings, and birthday parties, especially during cold weather.  To make bean stew, put butter, bacon, and pepperoni in a bowl on the stove.  Then you mix in the pork meat and salt.  Then you wait for 20 minutes.

There is a secret way to make your bean stew tastier and more delicious.  At the end, put in some lemon.  Bean stew is a delicious Brazilian food that everyone enjoys in the winter!