Pronunciation Tips with Julie (Pt. 3)

MLC Instructor Julie Dean

In our final post about past tense pronunciation, MLC Instructor Julie Dean will talk about the “ed” sound.  As we learned in our original post, there are three distinct ways to pronounce regular English verbs in the past.  These three sounds are: “t”, “d”, and “ed”.

Focusing on the “ed” sound, Julie explains when and how to pronounce this ending.  We pronounce the “ed” sound only when there is a “t” or a “d” in the word.  Look at some of the examples she provides:

decided – needed – wanted – invited – started

Notice how all of these words contain a “t” or a “d” at the end.  Another important thing to note is the extra syllable.  For example: de-cide (2 syllables) becomes de-cid-ed (3 syllables) in the past.  It is important to fully pronounce this extra syllable.

Check out Julie’s video explanation to hear it for yourself:

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