Student Spotlight: Claudia’s willingness to learn from others advances her career in academics

Student Stories

Claudia, a professor from Mexico who specializes in Educational Science, recently published her new book about educational methodology, Método CACE: Autoetnografía para líderes educativos. “In this book, I present the process that school principals in Latin America followed in order to analyze specific problems in the schools they lead and strengthen their leadership,” Claudia said. 

Before coming to the US last year, Claudia lived in Spain for 2 years with her husband and daughter. “In Spain, I continued to work remotely connecting with Mexico and Chile. As my husband got a job offer from the University of Michigan, we decided to move to the US.” This decision also meant Claudia had to quit her job. “My daughter is still 3 years old, and I thought I would enjoy spending more time with her. My daughter actually loves visiting the MLC with me sometimes!” On the other hand, she was a little concerned about my professional career. “So I continued to keep a connection with Latin America.”

While staying active with her academic writing projects, Claudia joined MLC in February 2022 to also study English. “Although I have experience living in the US for a couple of months to study and do an internship, it is my first time to live in the US for this long period of time. I wanted to improve my English to a level of my professional activity. I need to feel more comfortable to speak in a professional and academic manner.”

Claudia describes MLC as “my secure place”. “Even when I have a tough time understanding the language and feel a little discouraged outside the school, I feel better and comfortable by talking with my teachers and classmates.”

Claudia, front left, at Ann Arbor Summer Festival with MLC students
Claudia and her daughter, front left, at Ann Arbor Summer Festival with MLC students

Claudia appreciates how she can learn not only from teachers but also from students at MLC. “It is amazing to talk with other classmates. The other day at a class, students paired each other for a discussion and I heard about the student’s dream who paired with me. Then I thought everybody here has their own dream and is looking ahead to the future. It is so inspiring!”

Her positive attitude toward  learning from others contributes to her valuable networking skills. “I read the MLC alumni story about Alex. She is also from Mexico and I was very impressed to know how she has been successful in the US,” she said. Alex is also a very talented woman who came to the US for her husband’s work, and successfully built her own career as an architect. “I contacted Alex and I talked with her, and figured out we had a lot in common. She is a very nice person and I am glad to connect with her.”

Now Claudia is interested in taking the online Professional English Class to improve the communication skills in academic environments. “I am still in search of my career possibilities in this country, but I’m very excited to publish this book and continue my professional activities as well as learning English.”