Student Spotlight: Emmy enjoys Ann Arbor with her passion for music and study

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Emmy, from China, arrived in the US in December 2021 and started her English learning from the beginner level. She lives in Ann Arbor while her son earns his bachelor’s degree at University of Michigan. “After moving to Ann Arbor, I figured out that I had a lot of time here and thought of going to a school, because I didn’t understand any English at first,” she said.

Although Emmy says it was challenging to follow the classes when she enrolled in MLC in April 2022, she has built her confidence in English significantly. Now she enjoys watching movies in English and talking with other students. “The other day I talked with an MLC student from Saudi Arabia all afternoon, and it was such fun for me!”

Since she is an open-minded student who loves interacting with people, Emmy enjoys many school activities at MLC as well. “My favorite activity was the apple picking event at an apple orchard. Apples were very fresh and good!” She also brings her homemade dumplings to the school events and parties, which students and staff have enjoyed immensely.

Emmy, furthest to the right, at the apple orchard with MLC students

Emmy worked as a music teacher for 15 years in China, and now she uses her musical skills and experience to support the Chinese language school in Ann Arbor by teaching musical instruments every Sunday. She loves how the city of Ann Arbor is rich with music and art experiences, and enjoys attending many events. “I went to the Hill Auditorium, a beautiful music theater in Ann Arbor, with instructor Julie Dean for a music concert. It was an amazing experience for me,” she recalls. “I also loved the Ann Arbor Art Fair in July, which displays so many beautiful art works on the streets in downtown!”

Now Emmy is looking forward to her son’s graduation from the University of Michigan in April 2023. “I am not quite sure about what I would do after my son’s graduation,” she said. “But I want to learn new things more and more!”