Student Spotlight: How Carolina improved her language skill for MBA at Ross School

Student Stories

Meet our student! Carolina is from Chile, and recently got accepted to the MBA program at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan! She has professional experience in the HR area in Chile, and came to Ann Arbor with her husband about one year ago.

“When I arrived in Ann Arbor, I didn’t know almost anything about English,” she said. “So I took the Grammar class and the Professional English class at MLC.” It is astonishing that she improved her English proficiency so well enough to be accepted by the Ross Business School, one of the finest schools in the US. There seems to be a few good reasons why. Carolina was very dedicated in the class, asked for advice and feedback from instructors, and used the Conversation Partner Program (1) at MLC as well. That is to say, she utilized every opportunity she had at MLC.

Carolina and her husband at ROSS school

When you speak with Carolina, you will quickly learn that she is very open-minded and friendly. But surprisingly, she said she was afraid of speaking her ideas and opinions in front of others at first. “It was really great to grow my confidence to speak and discuss while learning here, since the instructors were always so kind and supportive,” she said. “It was also a very important opportunity to listen to my classmates from other countries, because we all have different English accents, ways of speaking, and so on. When we actually live and work in the US, we will certainly need to work with so many people with different accents, cultures, and backgrounds. Learning at MLC was a great practice in that sense.”

Carolina said she also enjoyed learning from other classmates with professional backgrounds, especially at the Professional English Class. “Each student had their own professional  experiences and skills, and it was amazing to learn from them. For example, I learned about the construction business from Naoki (2).”

Carolina is hoping to advance her career as an HR specialist after learning business at Ross School. We are so grateful to see her launch into her new, exciting adventure!

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*2. Read Naoki’s story at the Professional English Class