Student Spotlight: Mona Aljabr

Seeking to further pursue an education in nursing practice, Mona began studying here in February of 2018. Mona explains that in her time at MLC, she’s learned more than English language.

“I learned to overcome my fears because they’ll stand between me and my goals. I learned how to drive and it used to cause me a great deal of anxiety. I also learned to write about anything with my own twist. I used to feel embarrassed from other people reading my essay but now I feel proud about them because I have a unique writing style as my instructors encouraged me all the way. I learned so much about nature, as Ann Arbor is a beautiful city that is rich with a taste of everything. I learned also a lot about myself and my family, I realized we’re all relentless!”

We recently celebrated with Mona as she passed an important exam for her nursing career. We feel fortunate to have Mona as a student and to watch her grow in these ways!

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