Student Spotlight: Jinsuk Seo

Today, we’re highlight an MLC student who has added so much to our community: Jinsuk Seo. Having taught English for 34 years in South Korea, Jinsuk sought an opportunity to further supplement her teaching. Hoping to return with a unique and personal story for her students, she came to the US to live and study English at MLC for a few months.

“With my experience (In America), my class can be more enriched. Not just English wise, but culture wise.”

She has taken advantage of every extra curricular opportunity to immerse herself in American culture. She’s attended conversation hours, lunch seminars, volunteer club meetings, a chili cook-off event hosted by American local volunteers, and joined a tour of Ann Arbor.

Jinsuk also appreciates the opportunity to slow down and adopt a new way of living. “Here I recharge myself, and recharge my ability and qualifications… I just enjoy every moment I am here. Even when it snows I just think “Wow it is wonderful, a new experience for me.”

Perhaps most valuable, are the special friendships she has made since arriving. “I didn’t have an opportunity to meet Saudi or Turkish people even though I travel a lot. We can be friends [at MLC], I really love it.“

We feel grateful that Jinsuk is part of the MLC family!

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