Student Spotlight: Nana from Japan!

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Meet our student, Nana! She worked as a HR coordinator in an automobile industry in Japan, and has spent one year in Ann Arbor for her husband’s business. She is going back to Japan to resume working in the same field with her enhanced English proficiency and more confidence in immersing herself in new cultures and environments.

“I knew I was going to be in the U.S. for just one year, and wanted to take any opportunities to improve my English and enjoy my life here”. She took 8 sessions at MLC, joined three running races in Michigan, and traveled to 13 states in the U.S.! As a runner, she joined Ann Arbor Track Club and enjoyed running with other local runners. “Running has been a great tool for me to interact with Michiganders,” she smiles. 

Halloween Party at MLC

At MLC, Nana focused on taking the Speaking and Listening classes since she wanted to improve these skills specifically for her future career. “I wanted to improve my speaking skill as much as I could within this limited time, and I feel I enhanced my proficiency,” she said. She was not only a hard working student, but also a person who enjoyed so many activities at MLC and outside the school. “I had so much fun at the MLC activities as well. Conversation Hour, Ann Arbor Library Tour, Halloween Party, Ice Skating…” She also joined a very unique running race in Dexter, “Run 3.14 (Pi)” with Cam, who organizes Co-Curricular activities at MLC. “I heard about this race from Cam and it was so much fun! You eat pie before you start to run!”

At the Pie Race with Cam!

She says she will miss Ann Arbor because this town has great diversity and people are very friendly. She is hoping to come back to work as a HR specialist in the U.S. next time.

We will also miss you in Ann Arbor, Nana!!