Student Spotlight: Yusuke comes back to his childhood hometown: Ann Arbor

Student Stories

Yusuke, a college student from Japan, is happy to see the city of Ann Arbor for the first time in awhile. When he was in elementary school, Yusuke’s family lived here for his father’s business. “I actually didn’t remember very well about the town, and I thought it would be great to come back to Ann Arbor and see where I spent three years when I was a kid,” he said.

As a senior college student majoring in Economics, Yusuke decided to come to the US to enhance language skills for his future career. “Another reason I chose Ann Arbor is because my father’s colleague who is very close to my family lives in Ann Arbor. So I felt it would be nice to have a person I know well in the area, because it’s my first time living in the US just by myself.”

After Yusuke and his family moved back to Japan, he didn’t have many opportunities to use English in his daily life. “So I wanted to see how it’s like to use the language again in real life. I was nervous at first, but now I feel much more comfortable using English, telling jokes to my classmates.”

Yusuke, second from left, at MLC’s classroom

Yusuke says what he likes about MLC is the diverse environment. “Everyone at school is very open, and teachers are very supportive.” He enjoyed MLC’s co-curricular activities such as conversation hours and volunteer club. “I especially like the conversation hours because I can talk to new people I have not met in my classes.” He also took the online Professional English Class to invest in his future, since he’d like to use English in his career someday.

Now that he has completed his two months studying at MLC , Yusuke is going to do an internship in New York City for four weeks. With his enhanced communication skills, he’s  in great shape for his professional career. Although his long term plans are uncertain, Yusuke does have one idea in mind: “During my stay here, I began to think it would be great to come back to the US for graduate study. I feel comfortable living here.”