Student Work Spotlight: Hammamet, Tunisia

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Check out this MLC student’s essay describing his favorite place in his home country of Tunisia.

Hammamet: The Most Beautiful Touristic City Ever
By Mohamed Ben Jaballah

Hammamet is the most touristic city which attracts people from all over the world. Hammamet is a small city which is located in the northeast of Tunisia. The city is attractive for many reasons: first, it has wonderful beaches and you can enjoy the sun there. For me, I like having vacations there because Hammamet is a part of the Tunisian Gulf, so there are no huge waves while swimming. Also, the good weather plays an important role to make the city a touristic destination.

Second, a lot of people are impressed by Hammamet because of the good hotel services. The city has the most famous hotel series in Tunisia such as “El Mouradi” and “Sindbad.” In these hotels which are located on the front of the sea, you can enjoy a lot of excellent services such as eating delicious food, swimming in pools, and dancing.

Third, the city is one of the most secure cities in Tunisia, so you can enjoy your vacation and relax. In addition, Hammamet has many public famous places where you can spend a nice time such as beach bars, restaurants and night clubs. FInally, I find that Hammamet is an impressive destination to visit.