Prepare for Thanksgiving with Food Vocabulary & Recipes

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Every year, on the 4th Thursday of November, America celebrates Thanksgiving. The holiday originated in the 1600s, in the early years of the nation, as a way to give thanks for food harvested from farming. Hundreds of years have passed, but the tradition has continued, and Thanksgiving is a holiday when family and friends can come together to enjoy a feast and good company.

To get in the holiday spirit, let’s review some Thanksgiving food vocabulary! Here are some of the most classic dishes that you may see at a Thanksgiving feast, and recipes to try.

ROASTED TURKEY – roasted whole and displayed as the centerpiece of the feast
Roasted Turkey Recipe

STUFFING – a bread-based casserole, sometimes stuffed into the body of the turkey (thus the name, “stuffing”)
Stuffing Recipe

CRANBERRY SAUCE – jam or pudding-like sauce made out of cranberries (a tart fruit)
Cranberry Sauce Recipe

GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE – casserole made of green beans, mushroom sauce, cheese and onions
Green Bean Casserole Recipe

PUMPKIN PIE – a pie made out of pumpkin flesh, seasoned with holiday spices such as cloves and nutmeg
Pumpkin Pie Recipe

WISHBONE – a bone in the turkey shaped like a “V” – 2 people pull at each side, and whoever breaks the longer piece will have a wish come true

FOOD COMA – the state of extreme sleepiness that a person experiences after eating a delicious, stomach-filling feast

Happy Thanksgiving!