Student Work Spotlight: The South State Street Starbucks

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Enjoy this essay about one of the most popular coffee shops in Ann Arbor.

The South State Street Starbucks
By Satsuki Murakami, Razan Kullab and Ana Hochman

Why is Starbucks so popular in America? The first coffee shop was founded in 1971 in Seattle, USA. There are more than 20,000 locations of Starbucks in the world. It is very widespread and offers different types of food and drinks. In downtown Ann Arbor, the most common Starbucks is located on South State Street.

First, the Ann Arbor Starbucks is open from 5:30AM – 11PM on weekdays and 6:30AM-11PM on weekends. It offers coffee, tea, water, juice, sandwiches, muffins, snacks desserts, coffee beans and coffee instruments. The most popular iced coffee costs $4.95. There are over 70 seats in this Starbucks. It offers free wifi, which you can use without limits. There’s no smoking. There’s one toilet in the restaurant.

Second, thanks to the location of this Starbucks, most of their customers are students. It is a suitable place for studying because of the calmness and quietness of the music. In addition, it is an attractive place for tourists to start their day or to rest during the day. Finally, it has a good environment for working, and that is why there are different workers with their laptops.

Finally, this Starbucks is very popular and near campus, and that is why it is successful. Students usually need a place to study and read. The Starbucks on State Street has free wifi and a lot of space. Students go there, sit with their laptops and study. During their studies, they can get some coffee or eat something. There are a lot of options. All this makes it very popular and successful.

In conclusion, they offer a lot of types of food and drinks. All the people can go and spend their time studying, working and resting. Thus, it is a good option and location for everyone.