Take MLC Classes from Anywhere!

While the global COVID-19 crisis has brought many challenges to people all around the world, it has also showcased the power of the human spirit.  We see this at MLC as our staff and students are striving to sustain our vibrant school community through virtual means. Through daily online classes, co-curricular clubs, and social activities, our staff and students have been able to stay connected, be productive, and brighten each others’ days.

As our next session approaches in April, we now want to extend the invitation globally. Starting in Session 4, 2020 (April 22 – May 22), anyone can join MLC’s live online English classes, no matter where you are in the world! These classes include:

  • Online General ESL Classes (Grammar, Writing, Speaking/Listening, Reading)
  • Online TOEFL Prep Class
  • Online IELTS Prep Class
  • Online Speak Business English Class
  • Online Private Lessons

Students who register for these live online classes also have access to all MLC student clubs and activities, such as Career Club, Conversation Hour, Book Club, and Volunteer Club.

Please note that if a student enrolls in MLC’s Online classes from outside the US, these studies do not fulfill US F-1 Visa student requirements.

If you would like more information about MLC’s online classes, see our Online Class Webpage, or please contact us at info@englishclasses.com.

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