TOEFL Tips with Kerri (Part 1)

Many MLC students study English because they plan to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam.  TOEFL is a standardized test that measures the English ability for foreign students attempting to enroll in English-speaking universities.

TOEFL can be intimidating for students.  It is important to practice before taking it and to understand the various components of the test.  Instructor Kerri Johnson has been teaching TOEFL at MLC for several years.  Based on her experience, she offers some tips for students who are about to take the TOEFL test.

Here are her first two tips:

Tip 1: In the reading section, you may come across questions that seem unfamiliar.  You should prepare yourself by learning what these questions look like, what they ask of you, and how you should answer them.

Tip 2: In the listening section, you will have to go beyond just listening vocabulary.  You will also have to pay attention to the tone of voice to understand how a person is feeling.  You might need to understand if a person is being serious or sarcastic, for example.  Also try to detect frustration, excitement, or being overwhelmed.

Stay tuned for more TOEFL tips!

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