TOEFL Tips with Kerri (Part 2)

As mentioned in our last post, many MLC students study English because they plan to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam.  We want students to be as prepared as possible before they take this test!

In this post, we offer the last 3 tips from Kerri Johnson, who has been teaching TOEFL at MLC for several years.  While these tips are useful, it’s best to enroll in a TOEFL class to truly know what to expect on exam day.

That said, here are Kerri’s last 3 tips:

Tip 3: How to give your opinion during the speaking section.

Tip 4: Questions during the integrated writing section.

Tip 5: Don’t get distracted by other people taking the test.  Focus on your own work.

If you are thinking about taking the TOEFL test, consider enrolling in our TOEFL class to help you prepare.  Good luck!

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