Student Spotlight: Turkish Surgeon Prepare for Next Step at MLC

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I wanted to broaden my surgical experience,” Kamile, a cardiac surgeon in Turkey, said when she was asked what made her decide to learn more about surgery techniques at the University of Michigan Hospital.

Kamile and her husband, who is also a surgeon, arrived in the US in August 2022. She began participating in the Visiting Observer Program in the Department of Cardiac Surgery this month  while her husband works as a researcher at Michigan Medicine. 

Kamile’s passion for surgery fueled her desire to learn at the U of M Hospital while she lives in Ann Arbor. “U of M Hospital is one of the top hospitals in the country, and it is great to learn about the techniques and communications with patients.”

In order to better prepare herself, Kamile decided to use her time at MLC enhancing her English as much as possible. She researched language schools before she left Turkey and enrolled in MLC as soon as she came to the US. “I already know English to a certain degree, but I didn’t know much about American culture nor the communication style in this country,” she said. Kamile took MLC’s All Skills Classes in August and September. 

“If we want to improve our language skill, I think it is very important to make friends as well,” Kamile said. “That is why MLC has been the best choice for me. I can learn so many things in the classes, and there are also a lot of opportunities to interact with other students outside the class.” Once she joined MLC, Kamile enjoyed all of the classes including Writing, All Skills (Grammar), and Speaking & Listening. “All of the classes were great and I cannot choose my favorite class from them!” 

Kamile at MLC Kayaking activity

Although she spent less than two months at MLC as a student, Kamile enjoyed many activities including kayaking, movie night, and parties with her MLC classmates. “I could learn a lot about other cultures from around the world as well as American culture.”

Kamile has a very consistent attitude toward her learning and professional development. She wanted to enhance her English skills in order to communicate effectively at U of M Hospital. She wanted to join the observer program at U of M Hospital in order to enhance her skills as a surgeon. 

We are very fortunate to have had a passionate learner like Kamile in our MLC community, and we look forward to seeing her take the next step in her learning journey!