Welcome to our new (virtual) home!

School News

2017 is a year of new homes for MLC! In July, we welcomed our students into our beautiful new location at 715 East Huron Street. If you wander into MLC now, you’ll see our students learning in the classrooms with natural sunlight streaming in, gathering in the MLC cafe around coffee, tea, and snacks from their diverse cultures, studying or reading newspapers together in our student lounge spaces. Our new home has quickly become a vibrant place of learning, community-building, cultural exchange, and transformative experiences.

Now, we are excited to welcome you to our new “virtual” home: the redesigned, revamped EnglishClasses.com! Our new website captures all that MLC values through:

  • Stories and videos from our global students and staff
  • A new, easy-to-complete online application form
  • Thorough information about our English Programs
  • Exciting details about our new offerings, including University Pathway and Business English classes
  • Volunteering information and online sign-up for our Conversation Partner Program
  • This new blog! We will post weekly insights and resources from our staff, and highlights of our students. You can even look out for our students’ spectacular course work!

For our prospective students, alumni, colleagues and friends all across the globe, we hope this new virtual home will allow you to see, hear, and experience the MLC magic wherever you are. Welcome, and Happy Browsing!

*A special thanks to Nenad Milosavljevic, Carol Cho, and the Art Binaire team for all their hard work on building and designing our new website!