Student Work Spotlight: The Student Bike Shop

Student Stories
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MLC students work together to create fantastic work!  Today’s student work highlight is a writing piece, created by a group of students, about a local bicycle shop.

The Student Bike Shop
By: Adriano Dos Santos, Cristian Contreras and Ying Shao Wu

The Student Bike Shop has been open for 50 years. It has been managed by the same owner during this period. They used to have two locations, but now there is only one. 75% of their customers are students. It provides a great service, especially for the students, such as selling, renting and repairing bicycles.

There are a lot of products for sale at The Student Bike Shop: different types and sizes of bicycles as well as accessories. In Ann Arbor, people must wear helmets as a form of protection. In addition, the shop has several kinds of helmets for adults and children with a range of prices. They sell new and used bicycles, but it is important to know that there is a guarantee for the new ones. On the other hand, there is not a guarantee on the used bicycles. There are three senior salespeople to help you to find the best option for you.

There are a lot of bicycles outside the shop. They look like the old ones. They are for renting rather than selling. The price is pretty reasonable and the condition of the bikes is good. Furthermore, they even provide a variety of rental choices. That means you can rent a bike daily, weekly, or monthly. The deposit is $60 and the lock is free, but you need a helmet, which is about $5. After that, you can get a bicycle and begin your journey in Ann Arbor.

If you need to repair your bicycle, you can come to this bike store. There are experts who have knowledge about any system of your bike.Also, you can buy several tools to repair your bike yourself. Finally, you should remember that when your bicycle is ready, you have to pick it up on time because after one week, the store charges $1 per day or $15.75 per month for storage fees.

The Student Bike Shop is a good option to find different kinds of bicycles where you can buy or rent them as well as repair them. Is it a great shop in Ann Arbor!