What Do You Think About Our New Writing Class?

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In such a technology-reliant world, businesses of all types understand the importance and the power of customer reviews. Many consumers also rely on these reviews in order to find the restaurants with the best food or shops with the best customer service. Students in our new writing class will be using these reviews as their textbook for the session. Students will analyze two common organizational patterns and learn words and phrases unique to writing reviews. This will be fun way to engage students as it does have very real-life applications. Students will also be taking field trips around Ann Arbor and writing authentic reviews and giving authentic recommendations to their favorite places around town.

Gail BlaauwMLC has always been very blessed by very talented and innovative staff and teachers. Instructor Gail Blaauw is the mastermind behind this new course. She has taught at the Language Institute of the University of Illinois and Austin Community College in Texas. She has also worked with a state public organization teaching refugees in New York. She has been teaching at MLC for four years. In her free time, she and her husband love to travel, using online reviews extensively to find accommodations, restaurants, and tourist spots.