The Color Vowel Approach


We are excited to announce the inclusion of the Color Vowel Approach in our classrooms at Michigan Language Center! Here is your quick start guide and introduction to the teaching tool.

First created by Karen Taylor in 1999, Shirley Thompson joined her in 2000 in developing the Color Vowel Chart to what it is today. Through this process, ESL students and teachers at various universities have joined to ensure the accuracy of the tool.

The Color Vowel Chart is a tool used for teaching and learning spoken English. The shape of the chart reflects the shape of how the sound is produced inside the mouth. This is an easy way of referring to specific vowel sounds without the need to include phonetic symbols, which may be confusing for ESL students.

For more information or access to more materials, please visit the Color Vowel website. All information is taken from with permission from English Language Training Solutions. All rights reserved.


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