Winter Weather Tips

One of the great advantages to studying English in Michigan is the opportunity to experience all four seasons.  Right now, we are in the winter, which lasts from December 21st to March 20th.

Winter in Michigan can be very cold and snowy.  For students who have never experienced this weather before, MLC has compiled some useful tips:

  1.  Dress in layers.  Wear a warm sweater, leggings, a tube scarf, a hat, eat muffs, mittens, and a long coat.  The more clothes you wear, the warmer you will feel.
  2. Wear boots. Keep your feet warm and dry by wearing boots.  Also, walk slowly in the snow so you don’t slip.
  3. Watch out for icicles.  Icicles form when streams of water freeze over time.  They often form over doorways and can hurt if they fall on you.  Always look out for them.
  4. Give yourself extra time when it’s snowing.  Don’t rush when it’s snowing.  If the roads and sidewalks are bad, proceed slowly.  Sometimes it’s better to just stay home.

We hope these tips will help you stay safe and warm this winter.  Don’t forget that there are plenty of fun activities to do in winter also, so make sure you enjoy this season.  Consider studying English in Michigan and experience winter here for yourself!

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